OUR PRODUCTS We are Manufacturing Temp controller indicator scanner Time counter , Rpm counter ,Colour mark control
Dc Motor Drives
Temerature Controller &   indicators

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        About Alpha Controls  
Alpha Controls was established on 1998. The company to strive to become a preferred supplier of state-of-the-art industrial automation products and system. To achieving full customer and employee satisfaction and maintaining profitable growth.

Automation  Sounds organization to achieve manufacturing excellence and industrial process optimization. The main base to stand on in the advance Techno world with the competitive market place. The base concept of the organization is to provide the product with the reasonable price and consistent good quality and to provide the satisfaction through service.

Earnest to accept the responsibility in the area of R&D and Process Controls Automation. This Sounds or the expanded knowledge base for in the field area. The company believes in the product conceptualization & manufacture instrument completely on customized quality. The company believes in the theory of “TOTAL ACCESS”.

Total Access means you have an access to speak to any of us at Alpha Controls whenever you need the right guidance for the right controller. The Field-manufacturing and Marketing of Digital Temperature Controller, Counter, Timer, Temperature Indicator, DC Drive, Temperature Scanner, Photocell Control unit, Tailor Made PLC and Instruments. Right from inception, The Company realized its need to expand its bossiness in the field of process controls instruments. A company, which has a Invincible Quality in instruments.

Overview :-        Alpha Controls.

A sturdy company which is driven by R&D which makes a innovation technology surprise on it customers. A company who’s foundation is an R&D. Which pumps it’s 20 % of profit to progress the R&D. A company which is aggress in the industry on the bases of the R&D and efficacious to produce the quality. A company moving ahead with step to step with the advance technology and moves on the Digital Drive on the Digital Track. Over years the company assimilated a vast database from its own in house R&D and continual techno-analyses of numerous field tests.

Alpha Controls DC Drive are built with one single point in mind reliability with virtual elimination of most common causes of failure, these drives can be used as components, in your panels. In addition, several new innovative features allow a much enhanced performance from your system

Alpha   Controls   Profile
  Established 1998
  Commenced Production April 1998
  Ownership Local, Private.
  Corporate Base Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  Production Base Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  Technology used Indigenous, Advance.
  Staff Technically trained.
  Clients Machine Buildings &
Process & Automation industries.

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